Happy Valentine's Day :D

Love, Love, Love, Love lots of love is in the air!

Lovers' favourite day has arrived! Secret Admirers, flowers, chocolates' boxes, love cards, love letters and many others.

And, in my case, 'custard cream biscuits' ( I absolutely love them) and my secret admirer must have known that!

Moreover, wandering around the wwweb, my attention was first focused on Google. How cute is the 2015's Valentine's Day doodle?

I kinda spent five minutes watching it over and over again.
As far as I'm concerned, this year I am spending Valentines Day for the first time away from my other half. This is so sad!

However, I have to say that I've been lucky enough to find some amazing ladiesss to spend this day with: my girl friends!
We've planned a pizza, chocolate, crisps night+moviesss+chitchat, basically a 'girls night' :)
And I am very much looking forward to it!

In any case, I have always thought that if you are in love, everyday should be your "Valentine's day" and every single moment should be deserving of sharing your love with the person you love.
Just because one day, in 365, gives you the excuse you to romantically dine with your girlfriend (or boyfriend), it doesn't mean that in the other 364 days you should avoid surprises or having a taken-for-granted attitude.
'LOVE' with capital letters, is something you should look after. You should not take it for granted, actually, you have to take care of it and consider that you can spend a hundred, a thousand years, looking for love, trying to make it stronger...but  its basis should never be missing: confidence, patience, understanding, love (of course) and a deep and authentic desire of being together.

In conclusion (I know, some of you may have something better to do today, like...LOVE, rather than reading something about love haha), I would like to share with you one of my favourite poems and wish you a Happy Happy Happy Valentines Day!

This Love- Jacques Prévert

This love

So violent

So fragile

So tender

So hopeless
This love
Beautiful as the day
And bad as the weather
When the weather is bad
This love so true
This love so beautiful
So happy
So joyous
And so pathetic
Trembling with fear like a child in the dark
And so sure of itself
Like a tranquil man in the middle of the night
This love that made others afraid
That made them speak
That made them go pale
This love intently watched
Because we intently watch it
Run down hurt trampled finished denied forgotten
Because we ran it down hurt it trampled
it finished it denied it forgot it
This whole entire love
Still so lively
And so sunny
It's yours
It's mine
That which has been
This always new thing
And which hasn't changed
As true as a plant
As trembling as a bird
As warm as live as summer
We can both of us
Come and go
We can forget
And then go back to sleep
Wake up suffer grow old
Go back to sleep again
Awake smile and laugh
And feel younger
Our love stays there
Stubborn as an ass
Lively as desire
Cruel as memory
Foolish as regrets
Tender as remembrance
Cold as marble
Beautiful as day
Fragile as a child
It watches us, smiling 
And it speaks to us without saying a word
And me I listen to it, trembling
And I cry out
I cry out for you
I cry out for me
I beg you
For you for me for all who love each other
And who loved each other
Yes I cry out to it
For you for me and for all the others
That I don't know
Stay there
There where you are
There where you were in the past
Stay there
Don't move
Don't go away
We who loved each other
We've forgotten you
Don't forget us
We had only you on the earth
Don't let us become cold
Always so much farther away
And anywhere
Give us a sign of life
Much later on a dark night
In the forest of memory
Appear suddenly
Hold your hand out to us
And save us.

With all my love,

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