Almost ready

Today is the very last week of what it is supposed to be my "normal" life. In six days everything will change and, honestly, I have to admit it, I'm scared. Big changes lead big hopes, big fear, and...big fun?! Who knows.

This kind of big breakaway was my dream since childhood, and now...it is becoming true. I am talking about LDN,London.
English has always been my passion, as well as United Kingdom and now I am making the big change. I am writing from my bed, and I am staring at these white old walls and thinking about how different the next Monday will be, what will I do.
I don't want to end up being  paranoid or worse, I don't want this to stop me enjoying this very last week of italian culture, flavours and... sun!
Yesterday was my birthday, now I am a young 22-years-old girl. Hooray for me, although ( as in Taylor Swift song's) I feel "happy,free,confused and lonely at the same time", but I guess it's normal, isn't it? Now, what about you guys? Does anyone out there feel the same?
Now, It's time for me to get up and live another day!
Hope you're fine!

-Claudia Lilybeth

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