Never judge a book by its cover!

Can you spell "Respect"?
Sometimes I think that the way people criticize nowadays society is really funny. Moreover, I think it's really fascinating and at the same time absurd the way people decide to pursue some "models" in terms of behaviour, ideals without noticing that the cure is worse than the disease.
Today in the tube I saw a man eating a 0.80£ chocolate croissant from Tesco in a plastic bag. He was wearing a shiny elegan suit, a typical london businessman.
What happened few minutes later was that he, exactly as a thief in the night, decided to leave the plastic bag in the little space between the seats. This is exactly the meaning of "Never judge a book by its cover".
It doesn't matter if you are wearing suits and elegant clothes if the inner you is not respectful and honest. In order to be a gentlemen "you need to be born as a gentlemen"
Sooner or later is something you'll figure out.
Finally, I would suggest to not trust man wearing an elegant suit, if they explicitly show their stripped white and grey socks, which are in contrast with the shiny blu suit and its kakhi shoes.


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