What to do in London when you are sick.

I am, as you can tell, a victim of well-known British weather! Well done, Claudia!
So, after spending two entire days at home not doing anything, I have decided to write something about how to use your time efficiently when you are sick at home, and how not to be successful in doing so.

You wake up with a bad headache ( yes, if you are thinking about the after-party effects, you are completely in the wrong direction, it was worse), "let's go to class anyway", you think,but... few minutes later you notice that you can barely stand up on your feet, so, quite disappointed, you decide to begin a shakespearean monologue asking yourself "to go or not to go", and waiting for an answer whatsoever.
Then, after giving up, you sit on your bed and start blaming yourself for not having been at home in the past few days, when you knew you were about to catch the flu. Well done again!
But, here's the problem: What do in London when you are sick?
Solution number 1: You can watch tv series.
Solution number 2: You can have a little chat with people.
Solution number 3: You can listen to music.
Solution number 4: You can read a book ( as you always complain about the fact that you don't have enough time to read a book).
Solution number 5: You could grab some food.
Solution number 6: You can lay in your bed, and feel relaxed.
Solution number 7: You can study.
These seem to be pretty much good solutions. Would you like to know how is reality though?
Once you've decided to spend all your time watching tv series you realize that you become addicted. After spending about ten hours in front of your laptop you realize that you've lost all of the day and you feel terribly ashamed.
Okay, you can decide to talk to people and just try not to be depressed because you are sick and confined in your room. But, what in reality happens is that you cannot properly join conversations as you are feeling terribly sick, and at the same time you start coughing and feeling bad for disturbing people and scared to infect them.
You can of course listen to music, but not being involved in music. You have no voice to sing, and you feel bad and sad and depressed because you want to sing and you can't.
Oh my God, "I have that book on my bookshelf! I really wanted to read it one month ago!" Actually, you start reading your book, you turn on your desk-lamp, you feel happy but...wait a minute, your eyes are leaving you, what is happening?
Then, you feel so bored that you decide to eat. You start with biscuits and end up with nutella, woo-hoo, this is so good. "Uhm, I am feeling better now. Yep, I only needed  food."
Ten minutes later, you cry because you are feeling bad, you have an awful stomach ache, and you regret your crazy binge.
So, sad and disappointed you decide to lay in your bed, just for relaxing a bit, maybe you can try to sleep. But, hey. "I'm not tired", you think. You feel so damn awake, that you almost suffer laying in your bed. You get up and you end up studying. You realize that you would like your recovery to be productive. You take your books, you ask a friend to study with you, so that maybe you won't feel alone and sad for being sick. But, actually, you study for ten minutes, after which you find out that it's a boring activity to do when you are tremendously bored, and you end up doing anything else instead of studying, and start blaming yourself for having inflicted your friend such a pain.
Finally, you realize that you are hopeless. After closing your books, you start chatting with people,listening to music while they are studying,then saying goodbye and eating while watching tv series until you feel sleepy and finally going to bed, tired enough to relax and sleep.


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