Call for all! :D

Hello everybody!
I am glad to announce a new section!
The name is "Stories&people". In particular, I'm going to start with a new column called:

"From A to Z"

Every week on Thursday, I am going to post a story about people I meet or people who would like to share their stories with me and, of course, with you. The stories have to show something positive, something good. It can be about your own life, your culture, a memory, a wish, a simple but personal thought.
Who can take part? Everybody.
You can write to me both in Italian or in English and send to me your story to:


It has not to be long or super-structured. You can just write a small paragraph, a thought, a short-story whatever.
I am going to read each of them. What matters is that they have to be true and yours.
Can't wait to hear from you!


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