A is for Alice.

Alice likes being British. She said that with a smile. Maybe because she didn't know what to say or what to talk about, as she found the questions to be unexpected. Her blonde hair were sorrounding her face, now reddish before she lost herself in her thought.
"Well..." suddenly she said "I like the history, the freedom we have, our being 'multicultural' ".
According to Alice, those which are deliberately known as differences aren't to be defined as such. Actually, she completely disagrees with all kind of stereotypes which are created and directed to that ethnic group or others. She is a firm believer of this "melting pot culture"
Furthermore, she complaints about the fact that "the news don't talk about all the positive things we have here. The positive things that we do. Only bad things." An example? "We care about charity. There are things that we do in our daily life. It's a way of thinking,I guess", she affirmed.
In fact, Alice volounteered in her local youth center, she also spent few weeks in Kenya teaching english and worked in an orphanage in Morocco as well.
She doesn't belong to those people who believe that different cultures cannot be one. She is a supporter of an equality system, in which all of us can eat a piece of the wonderful tasty cake which is our world. In doing so, we can do it together. Anytime.


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