B is for Bryson

"I would like to share with you" he writes "one of my best memories".
"I met her during a party in which both she and I were high, but not too much that it could have been impossible, the day after, to remember anything. I still don't know what happened. In my mind, only her smile, her eyes. We met in a context which was not to be considered romantic or whatever. But she was there, and we met in a precise time. I keep asking myself what would have happened if we wouldn't have met in that precise moment, or if in that precise moment she would have decided not to go downstairs: these last three years, probably, would have never ever existed. So, I am glad I met her. I am glad she is still a part of my life."

'Serendipity' as concept has been introduced by Horace Walpole and used to describe the heroes of a fairytale called "The three princes of Serendip". In particular noteworthy is that its characters were used to find out what they needed even though they were not in quest of it, by accidents.  
So, both Bryson and his girlfriend, were not looking for each other or for love, but maybe they have been waiting for each other for a long time and now they are together. Serendipity or not, everything happens for a reason, and happiness is so unexpected that sometimes, we can just " find her " behind a corner, or in our friend's case, at the end of a staircase. 


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