C is for Chloe

Hello everybody!
Today's story is going to be a little bit longer than usual.
I will not write or add anything more because I believe her story to be something to be inspired by.
I am really grateful to Chloe, and especially I am really glad she shared her story with all of us.
I really hope you will enjoy your reading. I think it's wonderful!

" I don’t know from what time, I started to regard life as a comedy, and myself a comedian. So I not only found ways to make myself happy but also, kind of felt the responsibility to make people around me happy. So every time when something happened to me, especially bad things, I always tried to find if there is any positive part in it and only keep that part in my memory. For example, I have a Chinese version of Twitter-Weibo. I used to write everything on it like most netizens would do, sometimes I even cursed life for being that hard, especially the days before exams and the days after breaking up with a boyfriend hahaha. But a few days later, when I saw the negative things I had written, I felt embarrassed. Because what hade made me angry or upset or unnecessarily sentimental was actually nothing big at all. So I always deleted these Weibo a few days later. After repeating doing this for several times, then I asked myself, what was the point of writing negative Weibo that I would delete for sure sooner or later and what was the point of wasting time and emotion on negative things that I wouldn’t want to recall at all. Then I set a rule for myself, that is, only recording positive things on my Weibo. And that was the time when I went on the road of being a “joke writer” as my friends called me haha. Actually I didn’t make up stories, and what I did was recording my daily life in a joking way. (I also want to do that on facebook, but I still have problem writing in English, let alone to write jokes in English.) And it turned out to be the best decision that I had ever made. Every time I logged in my Weibo and read what I wrote before, I could still be amused by myself. And some of my friends told me that they liked reading my Weibo so they went to my page regularly to see if there are something interesting which in turn made me happier. I once told my friends that I’m gonna print all the funny Weibo I wrote into a book, and send it to the one whom I’m going to spend the rest of my life with. If he is the right person for me, he should get the sense of humor that I was trying to convey, and I hope there is someone, a guy I mean, haha, who perceives the world in the same way as I do, they we can lead a funny life together. :)

Actually, it is not only about deleting negative posts from my Weibo. After doing this for some time, I found that I developed the ability to delete negative thoughts from my mind. For instance, in the past, when someone said something unkind to me, I might be angry and could be thinking about how to fight back even hours later. But now, if someone, for example, mocks at me, I mean someone who does it unkindly, I will have a minute sympathizing him or her for not being lucky enough to lead a happy life and then forget the whole thing. Actually, it is not that hard to forget something. Sometimes we find it hard to get over something just because we choose not to forget it. If you don’t take it seriously, you can easily forget it. (For example, maybe not that appropriate, we are more likely to forget, although not on purpose, when we owe someone some money rather than when someone owes us money. ) So when you decide not to take it seriously thus not fighting back someone’s unkind words, it’s not that you let the person go, it’s actually you let yourself go. (I don’t know if I have made myself clear here.) Because you don’t have to be upset about the whole thing, instead, you can allocate your valuable time and emotion on interesting and meaningful things. So, it is better if we have a “diamond heart” (people who are hardly offended) than a “glass heart” (people who are easily offended) as we say in Chinese. From my own experience, the quickest way to build a diamond heart is to do self-mockery as often as possible. In my opinion, self deprecation is also a kind of self examination, because we have to know what our own shortcomings or weakness are before we can mock at that. So, those who always mock at themselves will find it easier to accept negative comments from others thus less likely to be offended, because they know they are not perfect.

It is when I was no longer a “glass heart” as I used to be did I understand the saying “Weak people revenge, strong people forget, intelligent people ignore.”

Sherlock Holmes, I mean the one in the TV series, haha, I like it veryyyyy much, said that sentiment is a chemical defect found in the losing side. I won’t be that radical, but I believe life will be easier if we can at least control our emotions. "

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are absolutely special!

- C.L

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