D is for Denitsa

Hi everybody! I am late again, I am really sorry! This story belongs to one of my friends, her name is Denitsa. This is a story about how the 'unexpected' turns to be the adventure we were looking for. Something to recall in future, something to tell. Something that could help you when you are getting down because things are no going as you have planned. 
This is a story to let you understand how amazing the 'unexpected' can be. 

"I would love to share with you one of my favourite stories. It’s actually a true story that I experienced" she writes."As my friends well know I love to travel.... and I love to do it with them. So spontaneously (as always) I decided to book tickets to Italy (those who know me are aware how much I adore this little peace of paradise), more specifically to Milan and to visit my cousin. I decided that with one friend of mine but the thing was that all of this was supposed to be a surprise. Well.... as great as it sounds in the real world sometimes one should be really well prepared before surprising somebody else in a foreign country. You may wonder why.... let me tell you. It was in late May, the sun was shining, the mood was great, I was looking forward to my adventurous trip and the moment I arrived I realised that I had no idea where to go but using the famous phrase 'Keep calm' I said to myself: 'Call your cousin, she will give you tips and then ...Buongiorno Italy, lets spend the time of my life'...hmm I wished it was that easy. I called but heyyy no answer at all. Opsss.... I somehow managed (through lots of struggles) to contact one of her classmates that had no idea for my exictence , however, she told me that my cousin just left for Sicily to spend the weekend there. Lovely. Now what? But after 5 minutes of dramatic complaints I finally realised that I was in Milan and instead of being miserable I must benefit!! Here the funny story begins. My friend and I went to the city centre, found a very cozy and hopefully cheap hotel, left our things and then started enjoying the fashion capital of Europe. We spent three amazing days there, doing only window shopping but eating a lot of ice cream and went to a football game- Milan-Inter. The fans were everywhere being aggressive so we pretended to support both teams. We visited also Lago di Como. Unfortunately couldn’t see George Clooney’s house but are the most delicious beef dish I have ever tried. Instead of freaking out and panic, we made the best of our experience there and when remembering for it I smile and look forward to go back again." 

So, the best experience is the one you haven't planned yet.
Thank you so much Denitsa :)


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