Thanksgiving Day!

I know I might seem too sentimental. But that's worth it. I have another "D" for this week, which means Day.
Thanksgiving Day.
This is probably to be known as one of the most important national holidays in Canada and United States. So, you are probably wondering...what have an italian, an english, two chinese, a bangladeshi, an ukrainian and germans have to do together?

Although the idea of celebrating 'Thanksgiving' has its historical roots in christian traditions, it is still celebrated in order to say "thank you" for the nice things and the blessings received during the past year. Moreover, as an american holiday, this 'tradition' does not belong to any of our cultural backgrounds, but we decided to have dinner together and celebrate it together anyway and, last but not least, we decided to say thank you for all the positive things happened to us.
You know, when you are far from home and everything seems to be hard, you wish you could find people to spend your time with, to be with. People who can understand you when you are down, and who join you when your 'high'.
People you can be yourself with.
And I am blessed I met these ones.

So, I am thankful for meeting you all, for bringing your peculiarity, your presence, your fragility, your strenght, your weakness, your laugh into my life.
Thank you for letting your world being part of my world. Thank you for building this something together. Thank you for being such good friends! Wish you all the best!


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