'E' is for...

Here we are again!
First of all, Happy New Year my dearest friends! I really hope that 2015 can bring you happiness and whatever you are in need of! I know, it might be a little bit late, but that's what I really wanted to start with.

However, I kinda had to suspend my "FromAtoZ" column, and I am so sorry!
This Christmas Holidays have been so overwhelming, with many things to do, assignments to submit, places to go and people to see. Anyway, "The Extemporanews" is finally back!
This is gonna sound weird, I know, but I really would like letter 'E' to be exactly related to my blog, this little piece of me. 
In this last four months I had the opportunity to experience a lot of new things, adventures that I have pretty much shared with you. I have never ever explained, however, the real reason why I have to decided to start writing a blog, or why really I would like someone to find just few minutes to read what a crazy-dreamer-little-town-now-in-a-big-town girl has to write.
My first post dates back to the 8th of September, and my adventure was not yet begun. I left Italy, as many people do, with all of my expectations, dreams, feelings, fears, tears, happiness, everything in my hand. I was holding them like a tiny, little treasure. They were representing the amazing burden I had to carry with me and, actually, I just told myself to drop something down on my way.
Actually, if I still try to recall what happened in my very first week, the negative feelings and what I have been through, I feel super-ridiculous. How could it be possible? The dream I've always dreamed of was there, just few steps away from me and I was feeling more than happy to let it go. 
That was not absolutely me. 
It has been hard for me, to share my inner tornado with all of my friends, people I do and I don't know. As I have always been trying to avoid sharing too much, just because I was trying to lay miles and miles away from 'pain-land'. You know, when people know a lot about you and use it against you.
But then I just realized that I did not have anything to loose in just being me. Fears-Strenght-Weakness-Happiness. All the package.
Nobody should feel afraid of them.
The Extemporanews gave me the possibility to grow, from many points of view. They showed how simple life experiences can produce wonderful extemporaneous thoughts, such as the ones that Chloe or Alice or many other friends shared with us. 

I know, 'The Extemporanews' is still 'under-construction', but so am I. 
In conclusion, I would like you to have the best Extraordinary Extemporaneous life Experiences ever!

And with all my heart, thank you for this four months together and for all your support!
Wish you always the best!


Hi, again my beloved London! 

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